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Heartbreaking Incident in Morningside Apartment: Elderly Man Found Murdered

Yesterday morning, at approximately 11h30, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an urgent call from a concerned client on Lambert Road in the Morningside area. The client reported the alarming sight of multiple blood splatters on the exterior door and handle of one of the apartments, fearing a potential murder, as the occupants were unresponsive.

In response to this alarming report, our Armed Response Officers and our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched and arrived on the scene without delay.

Upon gaining entry to the apartment, our team was met with a gruesome sight: an elderly male, suffering from multiple stab wounds, was found in the lounge area in a tragic state, exhibiting no signs of life.

Authorities, including SAPS and medical services, were immediately notified to scene, to provide necessary interventions.

A further examination of the apartment revealed family members who, due to severe ailments, physical incapacity, and mental challenges, were incapable of calling for help. These individuals were in a state of profound shock and trauma. Trauma counsellors were informed to provide the much-needed support to these individuals.

The murder scene was then cordoned off for further processing by Berea SAPS.

At approximately 17h00, critical information emerged regarding the suspect wanted in connection with the murder. It was revealed that the suspect had a personal connection to the deceased and had been living with the family, who were trying to help him overcome his drug addiction.

Acting on additional information about the suspect’s potential whereabouts, members of our Special Operations Team working together with Berea SAPS Crime Prevention Unit, Berea SAPS Reservists, Durban K9 Unit, Metro Police K9 Unit and other private security companies, operationalised and descended to a well known drug house on Harvey Road in the Morningside area.

The operation resulted in the successful apprehension of the wanted suspect, and items belonging to the deceased were recovered during the arrest.

The suspect has since been transported to Berea SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Well done to all role players on yet another successful arrest and bringing closure to the family.

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