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High Speed Car Chase Following House Robbery Leads to Vehicle Recovery

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 13h45 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was altered to a house robbery in Mount Moreland.

Details of a white Ford Ranger, used in the robbery, and a blue Honda Jazz, stolen during the incident, were circulated to all our team members for immediate lookout.

Further reports from the house robbery scene indicated that the suspects managed to steal various house hold items which included flat screen TVs.

A short while later both vehicles were spotted travelling on the N2 Southbound in the vicinity of Sunningdale. The South African Police Services were immediately notified for assistance.

Both vehicles then took the off ramp to the M25. The suspects noticed they were being followed by our Special Operations Team and tried to escape at high speed, opening fire on our team members. During this exchange, a vehicle from our Special Ops Team was hit and disabled, halting their pursuit, and allowing the suspects’ vehicle to escape.

Other responding members from our Special Operations Team spotted the stolen Honda Jazz abandoned on the M25 in the Avoca Hills area. The Durban SAPS K9 Unit arrived shortly afterward and then tracked the suspects on foot in attempt to locate the suspect. Despite an extensive search in dense bush, as indicated by bystanders, the suspect managed to evade arrest.

The recovered vehicle was then transported to Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing. Greenwood Park SAPS will be investigating a case of attempted murder.

Thank you to all responding members from the SAPS and private security for their prompt response and assistance.

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