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High-Speed Chase Leads to Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Arrest

At approximately 11h20 today, whilst on routine patrol in the Morningside and Glenwood area, members of our Special Operations Team spotted two vehicles, a Toyota Fortuner and a Toyota Starlet, driving recklessly on Bartle Road. The vehicles exhibited complete disregard to other road users, running red lights, ignoring stop signs and driving contraflow.

Our team members instinctively acted on this suspicious behaviour and immediately began to pursue both vehicles. Upon realising they were being followed, the occupants of the Toyota Starlet began shooting at our team members and immediately started to flee at high speed.

During the pursuit, the Toyota Fortuner lost control and collided into the wall of a business premises on Sarnia Road. Our team members continued to chase the Toyota Starlet but after an intense chase the suspects unfortunately managed to evade arrest.

Returning to the scene of the crash, our team members managed to apprehend one suspect who was hiding within the business premises. It was later then established that the Toyota Fortuner had been stolen in the Umbilo area, and the Toyota Starlet was identified as the vehicle used by the suspects in the commission of crime.

The apprehended suspect together with the stolen vehicle was transported to Umbilo SAPS for further investigation and processing.

A special thank you goes out to Tracker SA, Umbilo SAPS and other private security companies for their quick assistance and response.

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