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High-Speed Chase Leads To Successful Arrest

Our team members were involved in a high-speed chase on Monday evening which lead to the arrest of a suspect for theft out of a vehicle.

At approximately 18h30 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted to an incident where suspects had stolen items out of a parked car in the Cornubia area.

Details of the suspects’ vehicle were circulated to all our Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team members to be on the lookout. A few minutes later the vehicle was spotted on the N2 southern freeway by members of our Special Ops Team. As soon as the suspects noticed our members, they immediately started to flee at high speed with our members hot on their heels.

The suspects then took the Queen Nandi Drive turn off and continued to drive at high speed with total disregard for other road users, by travelling contra flow and speeding through red robots.

During the chase, the suspects threw a bag out of the vehicle which was possibly one of the bags that had been taken during the initial theft out of motor vehicle incident. 

After a lengthy car chase, the suspects’ vehicle came to a stop after crashing into boulders in a well-known complex on Centre Road in the Newlands area, where two suspects fled from the vehicle. One suspect was immediately arrested by our team members while the second suspect, unfortunately, managed to evade arrest after fleeing into a nearby dense bush. The arrested suspect had previously been arrested earlier this year by members of our Special Ops Team.

Upon searching the suspect a jamming device used to remote-jam vehicles was found in his possession.

The SAPS were contacted and arrived on scene a short while later. Upon searching the suspects’ vehicle a bag containing female clothing was found and was presumed to have been stolen from the Cornubia vehicle. The vehicle had also been fitted with cloned plates.

The suspect together with the vehicle used in the commission of a crime was transported to Newlands Police Station for further processing and investigations.

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