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High-Speed Chase Results In Apprehension Of Car-Theft Suspects

This morning, our Special Operations Team detained two suspects thought to be connected to multiple motor vehicle theft cases, following an intense pursuit in the Briardene area and the Morningside area.

At approximately 06h50, members of our Special Ops Team while on routine patrol, spotted suspects derailing a gate on Stanhope Place in the Briardene area.

As soon as the suspects noticed our members they fled and jumped into a getaway vehicle, a white VW Polo, and fled the scene. Our Special Ops Team members without hesitation immediately gave chase after the suspects, and a high-speed chase ensued.

During the high-speed chase, the suspects’ vehicle lost control on Umgeni Road in the Morningside area where two suspects were apprehended. Unfortunately, the third suspect managed to evade arrest.

The Durban Central SAPS were informed and arrived on scene a short while later.

Upon searching the suspects’ vehicle various car-breaking implements, a Police radio scanner and vehicle computer boxes used to steal vehicles were found.

After further investigation, it was also established that the number plates on the vehicle were false and that the VIN on the suspects’ vehicle was tampered with and could possibly have been stolen. This will be investigated further by the SAPS.

The suspects together with their vehicle were transported to the Durban Central SAPS for further investigation and processing, where the suspects will be charged for being in possession of car-breaking implements.

It is believed that the suspects are linked to numerous theft of motor vehicle incidents in the Morningside area.

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