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Housebreaking In Progress Alert Leads To High Speed Chase And Arrest

Housebreaking In Progress Alert Leads To High Speed Chase And Arrest

Immediate and effective mobilisation to a housebreaking in progress report in Avoca on a community WhatsApp group led to the arrest of three housebreakers following a high speed chase earlier today.

At approximately 16h20 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received reports via a WhatsApp community crime group of a housebreaking in progress on Bailey Road in the Avoca area. Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and upon their arrival they determined that the suspects had already fled the scene when they were disturbed by the homeowners after the suspects had forced the front door of the home open.

A detailed description of the suspects as well as their vehicle make, colour and registration number was supplied by the complainant and circulated to all our responding Armed Response Officers and Special Operations Team members to be on the lookout.

Four minutes later the suspects’ vehicle was spotted on North Coast Road, driving recklessly, by one of Armed Response Officers. As soon as the suspects noticed our Officer following them, they fled in an attempt to evade arrest, continuing to drive recklessly. Our Officer requested back-up from our team as well as the police as he continued to tail them when they sped along North Coast Road until they joined the N2 south bound highway.

More of our members joined the flanks as a high speed chase ensued, the suspects throwing housebreaking implements at our members in an attempt to deter them. The suspects were eventually successfully brought to a stop in a joint effort between our Armed Response Officers, members of our Special Ops Team and the Greenwood Park SAPS on the N3 east bound before the Jan Smuts highway, where three suspects were immediately arrested.

Housebreaking In Progress Alert Leads To High Speed Chase And Arrest

Multiple housebreaking implements as well as pepper spray was found in the vehicle after being searched by the SAPS. The suspects were brought back to the Greenwood Park SAPS and are being charged for attempted housebreaking and for being in possession of housebreaking implements. 

The suspects were all foreigners and were unable to provide the SAPS with their required documentation. This will be investigated further by the SAPS.

Well done to our team on yet another successful arrest!

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