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[INFOGRAPHIC] 📊 Crime Stats 1-15 February 2023

In the first two weeks of February, 109 incidents were reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. This was approximately 37 incidents more than the incident rate we recorded during the first two weeks of January 2023. The top types of incidents throughout the month so far were house breaking, theft of copper, theft and trespassing.


Throughout the first two weeks of February we arrested 9 suspect and recovered 4 stolen or hijacked vehicles. 💪

Wanted Blue Lagoon Robber Arrested Following Shootout

This morning our team members successfully arrested one suspect who had held up two members of the public and robbed them at Blue Lagoon park.

Hit-And-Run Driver Investigated For Culpable Homicide After Knocking Cyclist

A hit-and-run driver was tracked down by one of our Special Ops Team members after he had knocked into and severely injured a cyclist on Saturday morning, who has subsequently sadly passed from his injuries.

Glen Ashley Murder Suspect Arrested Following Fatal Stabbing

A heated argument between two workers on a Glen Ashley premises resulted in the fatal stabbing of one of them and the arrest of the other earlier this evening.

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