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[INFOGRAPHIC] 📊 Crime Stats August 2023

In August, 198 incidents were reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. This is a 8% decrease compared to the rate we recorded in July. The top types of incidents throughout the month were housebreaking, theft of copper and theft.


Throughout the month of July we arrested 16 suspects and recovered 4 stolen or hijacked vehicles. 💪

High-Speed Pursuit: Marshall Security Nabs Four Robbery Suspects In Daring Chase!

In a heart-pounding pursuit, Marshall Security’s fearless officers chase down house robbery suspects, bringing swift justice to the streets.

Marshall Security’s High-Speed Chase Stops Vehicle Theft Ring In Its Tracks: The Full Story

Our Special Operations Team’s pulse-racing, high-speed pursuit that ended in the capture of Durban’s most daring vehicle thieves. You won’t believe what we found in their car.

Inside Durban’s Most Cunning Car Scam: How Our Special Ops Team Cracked The Case

Think you can’t be scammed? Think again. Our Special Operations Team and Durban North SAPS just cracked a car scam that fooled even the most cautious buyers.

High-Stakes House Robbery Unfolds: Leads To Shootout Between Armed Response Officer And Armed Suspects

In a heart-pounding showdown, Marshall Security’s fearless officers confront armed robbers during a dramatic house robbery attempt. Bullets flew, heroes emerged, and justice prevails.

A rise in trio crimes (carjackings, house robberies and business robberies) and contact crimes (robbery where physical contact is involved) has caught our attention as a concerning trend.

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