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High-Speed Pursuit: Marshall Security Nabs Four Robbery Suspects in Daring Chase!

Today at approximately 11h15, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a member of the public stating that there is a house robbery in progress on Tasneem Crescent in the Avoca area.

In a display of quick response, multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on the scene within two minutes. Upon arrival, an Armed Response Officer observed three suspects hastily fleeing the targeted property and making their escape in a waiting vehicle.

Without hesitation, our diligent Armed Response Officer initiated pursuit, while concurrently receiving reinforcement from our members of our Special Operation Team. The high-speed chase continued until the suspects’ vehicle met its fate, crashing on Quarry Heights Drive in the Quarry Heights area. The combined efforts of our officers led to the prompt apprehension of all three suspects involved in the criminal act and recovered one unlicensed firearm on scene.

Subsequent investigations by our team have revealed that an additional two suspects were left behind at the scene of the initial house robbery. Through the commendable efforts of our Armed Response Officer, the fourth suspect was successfully apprehended. At present, only one suspect remains at large. A coordinated search operation involving all Armed Response Officers, members of our Special Ops Team, and Greenwood Park SAPS is still underway to bring this final suspect to justice.

The scene was secured and will be investigated further by the Greenwood Park SAPS.

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