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Joint Operation Yields Vehicle Theft Ring: Significant Breakthrough Achieved!

In a highly successful joint operation, members of our Special Operations Team, in collaboration with the Durban North SAPS Trio Crimes Unit, have made a significant breakthrough in combating theft out of motor vehicle cases within the greater Durban area.

Yesterday, at approximately 11h45, our Special Operations Team spotted a suspicious vehicle in the Umhlanga area, which was sought in connection with numerous theft out of motor vehicle cases, including a recent incident at a prominent shopping centre in Umhlanga.

Acting swiftly, the combined forces of Marshall Security and Durban North SAPS Trio Crimes Unit successfully stopped the vehicle on Twilight Drive. The operation resulted in the immediate apprehension of three suspects who were found in possession of remote jamming devices used in their criminal activities.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect’s vehicle was also fitted with false number plates, indicating a deliberate attempt to evade law enforcement.

The arrested suspects, along with the seized vehicle, were promptly transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

The collaboration between Marshall Security and the SAPS has proven instrumental in bringing these criminals to justice.

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