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Marshall Security Spearheads Rescue of Hijacked Ehailing Driver

Kwamashu Hijacked Vehicle Recovery

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 15h08 members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist Bidtrack Tracking with a VW Polo which had been hijacked in the Kwamashu area. 

Our Special Operations Team immediately responded to the last known location of the hijacked vehicle and together with the assistance of Bidtrack ground team and Newlands East SAPS the vehicle was recovered in a severely stripped condition and found with the driver of the vehicle still in the vehicle who had been struck with a firearm to his head and instructed to lay on the floor between the front and back seat of the vehicle while the suspects stripped his vehicle. 

Kwamashu Hijacked Vehicle Recovery

The ehailing driver further stated that he picked up his patrons from the Durban Central area and his destination was to drop off his patrons in the Kwamashu area. As the ehailing driver arrived at the destination the patrons hijacked his vehicle and other accomplices who were in the area jumped in the vehicle and then drove the hijacked vehicle to the Newlands area whilst the ehailing driver was being held hostage in the vehicle.

The ehailing driver was severely traumatized on scene but did not require any medical attention. 

The hijacked vehicle together with a few vehicle parts which had been stripped from the vehicle and found in a nearby bush was then transported to Newlands East SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Kwamashu Hijacked Vehicle Recovery
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