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Lockdown vs. Lockup? Don’t Worry, We’re Still in Operation.

Last night, we all sat and watched a historic moment in our countries history, as our president announced that South Africa will be going into a full lockdown come midnight on Thursday, for 21 days, as we wage a war on an unseen enemy. Today we are already starting to navigate our way forward in a fairly surreal situation.

To clarify where we stand, as a safety and security service provider, it has been confirmed by PSIRA and highlighted in the presidents official Gazette released last night; our services ARE considered essential, as are all security personnel, and to this end, we will be fully operational throughout our countries lockdown, doing what we do best, which is serving our communities and keeping them (and you) safe.

We are all, globally, fighting a particularly hard to neutralise bad guy in the form of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – officially the ONLY bad guy that we hope nobody catches. However, while it is keeping you indoors, where it is safest, we would like to further assure you that we will be available if you need us, In Case of Anything with regards to your safety and security. Just like we’ve always been.

However, please note:


Our offices (both Marshall Security and Marshall Guarding) will be closed to the public, with only essential staff working from within the premises. We have sent as many staff as possible home to work remotely, for their safety, so please do bare with us, as our communications may not be as efficient as it usually is.


To ensure our reaction teams are ready to respond to any and all criminal activities and medical emergencies, we would like to request that the public only make use of our In Case Of Anything number, in relation to the aforementioned situations.

If you have a false alarm, please advise us as quickly as possible. This is a safety precaution for all of us, as we all aim to social distance and eliminate as much unnecessary contact as possible.

When one of our Response Officers  does respond to your home, for your safety and his, he will be wearing a mask and will stand 3 meters away from you.

Please note for your peace of mind, as well as ours, all Response Officers and Response Vehicles are issued with hand sanitisers.


Our Technical Department will still be operational, with repairs and maintenance carried out, however considering the circumstances, new installations will be limited until the lockdown is over.


Our guarding force will be functional however please be advised of the following criteria:

  • In relation to Access Register Books. Clients will have to use their own pens to complete the form.
  • In relation to Access Register Scanners. Clients will have to hold their drivers licence up for the guard to scan it.
  • Guards will be wearing masks.


As a final note, we would just like to say, during times of chaos (as unprecedented as this particular crisis is right now), criminals like to capitalise, but we won’t let them. In short, a lockdown won’t stop us from locking up those that threaten our safety, security and wellbeing.

So please, to all our clients, our neighbours, our friends, our family, our communities, in fact, every single person who is reading this; stay safe, stay well, stay inside, and stay positive. If we work together we’ll get through this, and until then (and beyond) we’ve got you.


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