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Marshall Security Grabs Prestigious Awards for Exceptional Crime-Fighting Vigilance and Unyielding Security Expertise!

In a realm where our endeavours are not swayed by accolades or recognition, our passion propels us to safeguard lives and uphold security with unwavering dedication. The knowledge that we shield families, friends, neighbourhoods, and possessions fuels our purpose and resonates with our core values, evoking a profound sense of pride.

With immense honour and delight, we are thrilled to announce that Marshall Security has clinched the prestigious PMR awards for the Companies/Institutions doing most to fight crime by PMR Africa, which celebrates exceptional strides made by enterprises, institutions, and individuals in their unswerving pursuit of excellence and unwavering commitment to their objectives.

On this momentous occasion, we extend our sincere appreciation to the PMR Awards for this esteemed honour. Our gratitude also extends to our remarkable team members whose resolute commitment and unwavering passion drive our shared purpose. To the communities we serve, your unwavering trust is our bedrock, and we pledge to continuously validate that trust through our wholehearted dedication.

“We are profoundly humbled by the trust our communities place in us. Our work stems from a desire to make a difference each day, and this recognition affirms the impact of our endeavours,” expressed Darren Lategan, Executive Director of Marshall Security.

The gratification, truth be told, transcends the accolades; however, knowing that KwaZulu-Natal stands behind us amplifies the rewarding nature of our journey. Our profound thanks extend to each and every one of you who make this achievement a reality. Together, we reinforce the fabric of security, one that guarantees peace of mind for an ever-growing populace.

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