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Marshall Security Nabs Copper Theft in Glen Ashley

This morning at approximately 04H42, Marshall Security Armed Response Officers swiftly responded to a Marshall Security client’s alert on a WhatsApp Crime Alert group regarding an intruder on their property on Ypsilanti Avenue in the Glen Ashley area.

Our team promptly arrived on the scene, conducted a thorough property check, and discovered that copper pipes had been cut and stolen. However, there was no sign of the suspect initially.

A short while later, while patrolling The Promenade, our Officer spotted and stopped a suspect who was dirty and his clothes were wet. Upon questioning, the suspect admitted to stealing the copper. He then led our Officers to a vacant property where he had stashed the stolen copper.

Durban North SAPS were called to the scene to open a case with the homeowner and transported the suspect together with the stolen items to Durban North Police Station for further investigation and processing.

This successful apprehension highlights our ongoing commitment to community safety. We commend our officers for their vigilance and quick response, ensuring that suspicious activities are promptly addressed to keep our community secure.

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