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Marshall Security Recovers Stolen Cases Of Alcohol in the Durban North Area

This morning our members managed to locate two suitcases filled with alcohol that had been stolen from a house in the Durban North area.

At approximately 03h50 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted to two suspects carrying suitcases on Ellis Park Road by our attentive street patrol guard on Burndale Place in the Athlone area.

A description of the suspects carrying the suitcases was circulated to all our Armed Response Officers to be on the lookout.

A few minutes later the suspects were spotted on the corner of Lothian Road and North Coast Road and as soon as the suspects noticed our team members they dropped the two suitcases and fled.

An extensive search for the wanted suspects was conducted but unfortunately after a lengthy search the suspects managed to evade arrest.

Upon opening the suitcases multiple bottles of wine were found. It was later established after finding a name tag on one of the suitcases that the suitcases belonged to a client on Burndale Place.

The client was informed accordingly and the stolen suitcases and bottle of wines were returned to the client as he did not wish to open a case with the South African Police Service.

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