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Marshall Security Swiftly Apprehends Trespassing Suspect in Durban North

This morning our team members’ prompt response led to the swift apprehension of a trespassing suspect in the Durban North area.

Just after 08h00, the Marshall Security’s Emergency Dispatch Centre received multiple reports of trespassing incidents in the Durban North area.

The first incident occurred at a client’s property on Roehampton Way. Upon receiving the report, our diligent Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene. The suspect fled the area, but a detailed description was circulated to our responding officers.

While patrolling the vicinity, our Emergency Dispatch Centre received another call for assistance reporting a suspect matching the provided description at a separate property on Adelaide Tambo Drive.

Responding swiftly to the second sighting, our team members located and apprehended the suspect on Dorrington Crescent within minutes.

The Durban North SAPS were promptly informed about both incidents and arrived on the scene. The suspect was transported to Durban North SAPS, given a stern warning, and subsequently released.

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