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Morningside Hijacking Victim Kidnapped During Hijacking Incident

Morningside Hijacking Victim Kidnapped During Hijacking Incident

Last night at approximately 20h00, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was notified via a community security WhatsApp group of a Morningside hijacking incident that had taken place on the corner of Durrant Place and Percy Osborne Road.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and members from our Special Operation Team were dispatched to the scene and arrived within minutes.

It was later established that six armed suspects had hijacked a white VW Golf 7 and kidnapped the driver during the hijacking. Upon further investigation it was found that the vehicle was fitted with a tracking device.

Members of our Special Operations Team responded to the last know location of the vehicle. The vehicle was recovered just over an hour after the hijacking and was found abandoned in the Kwamashu area by our Special Ops Team, Car Track and Tracker SA members.

The victim was later found in the Ntuzuma area, where he had been dropped of by the armed suspects.

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