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Officer Confronted By Armed Suspect Shot in Copper Theft Incident

In the early hours of this morning, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted by trip wire activations within the La Lucia Community Project area, signaling the presence of a suspicious individual carrying a substantial blue packet.

Our Armed Response Officers were promptly dispatched to the location of the activation to investigate. After a short search, the suspect was spotted hiding in a bush on Armstrong Avenue in the La Lucia area, and our Armed Response Officer immediately approached.

In an unforeseen turn of events, the suspect aggressively confronted our Armed Response Officer with a hammer, knocking him to the ground and escalating the attack in an attempt to seize the officer’s weapon. In self-defense, our officer was compelled to discharge his firearm at the assailant, effectively halting the assault.

Back-up units arrived a few minutes later, securing the scene and contacting the SAPS and ambulance services.

Upon searching the blue packet the suspect had in his possession , multiple pieces of copper piping were discovered. It is unknown at this stage where the items were stolen from.

Durban North SAPS attended and will be investigating further.

We urge the members of the public that should you have fallen victim to any copper theft to please report the matter to the SAPS.

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