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Police Officer Survives Attempted Hit in Phoenix Shooting Incident

Last night our team member responded to a shooting incident that took place on the M25.

At approximately 20h30 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre was alerted to a shooting incident which had occurred on the M25 off-ramp to Mount Moriah in the Phoenix area.

Team members promptly responded and arrived on scene and noticed a Toyota Hilux Bakkie riddled with bullet holes.

Reports from the scene indicate that a Police Officer from Inanda SAPS Detective Branch was on his way home when an unknown vehicle came up beside his vehicle and opened fire at the Police Officer.

Fortunately, the Police Officer only sustained minor injuries and was left heavily traumatized.

The circumstances leading to the shooting are currently unknown but is believed to be an attempted hit on the Police Officer.

The scene was secured and will be investigated further by the SAPS.

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