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Prompt Response Leads To Recovering Of Stolen Nissan NP200

Just after midday today, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch received a call from a vigilant member of the public, reporting the theft of a white Nissan NP200 bakkie by unknown suspects on North Coast Road in the Park Hill area.

Upon receiving this information, our dedicated team swiftly sprang into action. Details of the stolen vehicle were promptly disseminated to all our Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team to be on the look out.

Fortunately, the stolen vehicle was equipped with Secure Drive Tracking, enabling the victim to relay its location to our Special Operations Team. Within minutes, our team responded and successfully recovered the vehicle on Phumelela Close in the Quarry Heights area. The suspects fled into an informal settlement, evading immediate capture despite our extensive search efforts.

We are grateful for the community’s vigilance and quick action knowing who to call for assistance, which led to the recovery of the stolen vehicle.

The recovered vehicle has been transported to Greenwood Park SAPS with the assistance of Greenwood Park SAPS Crime Prevention Unit for further investigation and processing.

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