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Quick Response Leads To Another Successful Arrest

Yesterday evening the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an alert at around 17h42 regarding a theft in progress on Sea Cow Lake Road in the Sea Cow Lake area. The incident was brought to our attention by a vigilant member of the public who noticed the theft taking place. 

The Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre immediately dispatched multiple Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team upon receiving the alert. While on route to the location, they were stopped by a vigilant member of the public who had prevented them from escaping until our team members arrived.

As soon as the suspects noticed our team members, they fled on foot. One suspect was swiftly apprehended, while the second managed to evade arrest by escaping into a nearby dense bush. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the suspects had stolen metal sheeting which was recovered from a non-client’s premises on Ebonyfield Avenue. The owner was informed, arrived on the scene, and pressed charges against the suspect.

The Greenwood Park SAPS arrived on the scene and transported the suspect to the Greenwood Park Police station, where the suspect was charged with theft.

In a separate incident, at approximately 19h00 on the same evening, the Marshall Security’s Emergency Dispatch Centre received another alert about a theft in progress on Blackburn Road in the Park Hill area. The homeowner had spotted a suspect stealing copper pipes and a copper water meter. As soon as the suspect noticed that he had been seen, he dropped the stolen copper and fled in an unknown direction carrying a bag.

A clothing description of the suspect was circulated to all team members to be on the lookout. A short while later, the suspect was spotted on Old North Coast in the Avoca area. The suspect dropped his bag and entered a dense bush near an informal settlement. Despite an extensive and lengthy search, the suspect managed to evade arrest.

Upon searching the contents of the dropped bag, a power tool, camera, and portable speaker were recovered. It is unclear at this stage where these items were stolen from, but they were handed over to the Greenwood Park SAPS.

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