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Quick Response Thwarts Copper Theft: Two Suspects Arrested

This morning, around 9h00, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from one of our clients reporting the sighting of two suspects involved in a copper theft incident from the adjacent premises on Desai Crescent in the Effingham Heights area which occured the previous day.

In response, Armed Response Officer were dispatched to the location immediately. Upon arrival, our client requested a thorough property check to ensure the suspects had not entered their yard.

As our Armed Response Officer was leaving the scene, he observed one suspect passing a bucket to another suspect outside the wall of a non-client’s premises. When our officer attempted to approach, the suspects fled on foot. However, with the assistance of another private security company, both suspects were apprehended.

Upon inspection, the bucket was found to contain multiple pieces of copper piping, later confirmed to have been stolen from the premises the suspects were initially spotted at. The apprehended individuals were then taken to Greenwood Park SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Further investigations have led to the belief that the apprehended suspects are involved in numerous incidents of copper pipe theft in both the Effingham and Avoca areas.

We commend the vigilance of our client and the quick action of our response team, which led to the successful apprehension of the suspects and recovery of the stolen property.

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