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Rapid Response Halts Notorious Shoplifting Gang: Three Suspects Arrested

Last night, at approximately 20h30, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an urgent panic activation from a well known service station on Umhlanga Rocks Drive in the Sunningdale area. The alert indicated that suspects known for theft were spotted on the premises.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and members of our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes.

Upon arrival, our team noticed a silver VW Polo, used by the suspects, attempting to leave the service station. Our officers quickly intervened, halting the vehicle and successfully apprehending three suspects on the spot.

Durban North SAPS were immediately contacted and arrived on scene a short while later.

A search of the suspects’ vehicle led to the recovery of various cool drinks and chocolates, items which had been stolen from the station’s convenience store.

The suspects have been linked via CCTV footage to several cases of theft in the area using the same modus operandi, targeting convenience stores.

All three suspects, along with their vehicle were transported to Durban North SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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