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Busy Morning for the Greater Westmead Association: Rapid Response to Multiple Incidents Ensures Community Safety

This morning saw a flurry of activity for the Greater Westmead Association, but our commitment to community safety never wavers. Here’s how the team successfully handled two separate emergencies, showcasing their dedication and efficiency.

Incident 1: Theft on Goodwood Road

At approximately 00h28, a GWA Armed Response Officer, while patrolling Goodwood Road, noticed a male carrying two 5-liter plastic containers. Upon stopping and searching the suspect, it was revealed that the man had stolen 5 liters of paint and 5 liters of thinners from a local business.

The manager of the business premises was informed and desired to press charges against the suspect. The suspect was handed over to Pinetown SAPS for further investigations.

Incident 2: Industrial Accident on Trotter Road

At approximately 01h07, an employee from an industrial business on Trotter Road, who is a GWA client, contacted the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre reporting that a colleague’s hand had been trapped in a machine, requiring immediate medical attention.

GWA Armed Response Officers and Netcare 911 were promptly dispatched to the scene. The employee’s left arm was found trapped in a roller. Despite efforts from paramedics from Netcare 911 and Meditech, the severity of the injuries necessitated a helicopter evacuation. A landing zone was prepared at Ashley Sports Field, and the patient was transported to a private facility for further medical attention.

The collaboration between Netcare 911, Meditech, the Greater Westmead Association, Marshall Security, and Pinetown SAPS played a crucial role in ensuring a safe and efficient response to these emergencies. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all parties for their relentless efforts and teamwork.

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