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Recovered Hijacked Vehicle Leads To Successful Arrest

A suspect believed to be involved in a hijacking in Chatsworth was arrested by members of our Special Operations Team and Tracker SA last night when the suspects were unable to locate the tracking unit.

At approximately 17h20 our Special Ops Team was activated to assist Tracker SA with a red Mazda CX-3 that had been hijacked in the Chatsworth area earlier on in the afternoon by an unknown amount of armed suspects. 

Our members immediately responded to the location and spotted the vehicle traveling in the New Germany area. After a short chase by members of our Special Ops Team and Tracker SA ground team, the vehicle was recovered on Rethman Street where one occupant of the vehicle was subsequently apprehended.

The vehicle was severely stripped on the inside as suspects attempted to locate the tracking device, but were unsuccessful in doing so.

The suspect together with the stolen vehicle were handed over to the SAPS Provincial Trio and Vehicle Task Team who arrived on the scene a short while later for further investigation and processing.

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