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Prompt Arrest Made in Red Hill Theft Incident: Flood Light Recovered

Red Hill Theft Incident

Last night at approximately 17h25 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a none Marshall client who reported a theft incident which had occurred on Girvan Avenue in the Red Hill area.

It was reported that a suspect had stolen a flood light from the homeowners property. An accurate description of the suspect was circulated to responding Armed Response Officers.

Whilst responding and searching, the wanted suspect was spotted on the corners of Blackburn Road and Melrose Avenue and promptly apprehended. Upon searching the suspect the stolen flood light was found in his possession.

Red Hill Theft Incident

Greenwood Park SAPS were contacted as the homeowner wished to press charges against the suspect.

Greenwood Park SAPS arrived on scene and transported the suspect to Greenwood Park SAPS and was charged for theft.

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