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Repeat Offender Apprehended After Theft at Durban North Convenience Store

Yesterday morning, at approximately 09h21, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client, located on Mackeurtan Avenue in Durban North area stating that they are following a male suspect on Blackburn Road who had stolen items from the convenience store in Durban North.

Multiple Armed Response Officers, and members of the Special Operations Team, were dispatched to the scene and quickly apprehended the suspect. The suspect had stolen stolen items from the store and left without paying.

SAPS were promptly notified and arrived shortly after. The shoplifter was handed for further investigation and legal proceedings.

The suspect has been apprehended by our team before and recently been released from prison after serving a 6 month sentence for a similar incident.

A great job by our team for their swift response in apprehending the suspect and assisting in maintaining safety in the community.

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