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Resident Shot During Sea Cow Lake Home Robbery

Resident Shot During Sea Cow Lake Home Robbery

Just before 06h00 this morning the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a vigilant neighbour who witnessed a house robbery in progress where an unknown amount of suspects were holding up a family in their house on Temple Road in the Sea Cow Lake area.

Multiple Armed Response Officers and Special Operation Team members were dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes.

It was later established that during the house robbery, a 27-year-old male was shot and sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Members of our Special Operations Team immediately started to administer first aid while waiting for Netcare911 and EMRS who arrived on scene swiftly. The victim was stabilised on scene by Netcare911 and EMRS before being transported to hospital for further medical care that he will require.

At this stage it cannot be confirmed if the suspects arrived on foot or in a vehicle and to what was taken during the house robbery, however the homeowner will do a full inventory and open a case with the Greenwood Park Police, who arrived on scene a short while later.

The SAPS will be investigating a case of house robbery and attempted murder.

We encourage residents to test their alarm systems and panic buttons regularly, and to use them when in an emergency situation, to ensure we receive your signal when you are in trouble.

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