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Response Officer Arrests Umgeni Park Thief

Response Officer Arrests Umgeni Park Thief

While responding to an alarm activation, our Armed Response Officer arrested a suspect for theft at a neighbouring non-client property in Umgeni Park earlier today.

This afternoon at approximately 13h35 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an alarm activation from a client’s premises on Chicks Drive in the Umgeni Park area. Our Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes.

Response Officer Arrests Umgeni Park Thief

Whilst conducting a property check, the homeowner from a neighbouring property, who is a non-Marshall client, called our Armed Response Officer for assistance after noticing a suspect stealing copper cables from his own property. 

Our Armed Response Officer without hesitation immediately jumped into action to assist and managed to apprehend the suspect on Briar Lane with the stolen copper cables in his possession after jumping over the wall of the neighbouring property. 

The suspect together with the stolen items were handed over to the Greenwood Park SAPS where the suspect will be charged for theft.

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