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Response Officer Chases Down And Arrests Fuel Thief

Yesterday afternoon a vigilant Armed Response Officer arrested a suspect for fueling up at a Briardene petrol station and fleeing the garage without paying.

At approximately 16h20 a Marshall Security Armed Response officer was on duty standing off at the Caltex garage on North Coast Road. Whilst he was parked there, he noticed a gold Toyota Avanza leaving the fuel station at a speed and petrol attendants chasing after the vehicle. The petrol attendants informed our officer that the motorist had put fuel in for R500 and sped off without paying for it.

Our Armed Response Officer immediately chased after the vehicle down North Coast Road and then into Inanda Road, where he eventually managed to bring the vehicle to a stop near Willowfield Crescent in Springfield Park. He immediately apprehended the suspect.

The Greenwood Park SAPS were dispatched and arrived on scene a short while later. The suspect and vehicle was transported back to the petrol station and a case for theft of fuel was opened.

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