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Response Officer Risks His Life Attending To Housebreaking

Yesterday afternoon one of our Armed Response Officers attended to a housebreaking where he found the suspect still on the premises. While attempting to apprehend the suspect, a scuffle broke out which landed the officer in hospital.

Just after 12h00 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received multiple alarm activations from a client’s home on Mogul Crescent in the Effingham Heights area.

Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and arrived on scene within minutes. As our Armed Response Officer arrived first scene he spotted the suspect exiting from the roof of the client’s home, where the suspect had initially gained entry into the house. Our Armed Response Officer attempted to apprehend the suspect and while doing so a scuffle broke out, during which the suspect stabbed our Armed Response Officer on the forehead.

Our Armed Response Officer gave the suspect several verbal warnings to no avail as the suspect continued to advance on him; at this stage our officer feared for his life and fired a shot in the direction of the suspect to stop the threat.

Netcare 911 paramedics were dispatched to the scene and declared the suspect deceased on their arrival and treated our Armed Response Officer for injuries sustained due to the stabbing, whereafter he was transported to a nearby hospital for the further medical care that he would require. 

Several stolen copper pipes and brass and steel taps were found in the suspect’s possession.

The Greenwood Park SAPS were advised and arrived on scene a short while later. The scene was secured and will be investigated further.

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