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Rise In Copper Theft: Three Culprits Arrested In Possession

Rise In Copper Theft: Three Culprits Arrested In Possession

With a significant rise of copper theft over the past couple months, 94 incidents reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre since January from hotspot areas Avoca, Effingham, Glenhills, Redhill and Parkhill, our members have been keeping their eyes open for the culprits.

On Tuesday, due to vigilant patrol, we celebrated the successful arrest of three suspects in possession of a significant amount of suspected stolen copper.

At approximately 18h50 that evening, members of our Special Operations Team while on routine patrol in the Avoca area noticed three suspects pushing a trolley down Prince Mhlangana Road. When they noticed our team members following them they started acting very suspiciously. Our members immediately stopped and interviewed the three suspects.

Rise In Copper Theft: Three Culprits Arrested In Possession

Upon searching the suspects and the trolley two copper water meters, copper and steel pipes, together with implements used to cut steel and copper were found in their possession. The suspects could not give a reasonable explanation as to how they had come to have the above mentioned items in their possession and were therefore immediately arrested.

Greenwood Park SAPS were dispatched and arrived on scene a short while later. The suspects were then transported to the Greenwood Park police station where they will be charged for being in possession of suspected stolen items.

We encourage residents and business owners to report any incidents of theft of copper from your premises to the SAPS.

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