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Senior Parkhill Woman Found Murdered In Outbuilding

Senior Parkhill woman found murdered in outbuilding

A 76-year-old woman was declared deceased by paramedics after she was found tied up and strangled in an outbuilding on her property last night.

At approximately 18h50 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a report from a resident in the Parkhill area of suspicious activity at a neighbouring property. Armed response officers were immediately dispatched and upon arrival contact was made with the victim’s son.

It was determined that the front door had been forced open and although nothing appeared to have been stolen, the victim was nowhere to be found. Further investigations led the response officers and victim’s son to a secured outbuilding, where she could be seen through a window, tied up and unresponsive. With permission from the victim’s son, our response officers forced the door open to gain entry, where the victim was found bound with cable ties, an extension cord, and a belt.

Greenwood Park SAPS and Netcare 911 paramedics attended the scene and the initial cause of death is believed to be strangulation, but has yet to be confirmed. The motive for the murder is currently unknown, and a case of murder will be investigated by SAPS.

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