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Special Ops Team Recover Stolen Vehicle in High-Stakes Pursuits

In the early hours of this morning at approximately 02h40, while members of our Special Operations team were conducting a routine patrol in the Riverhorse Valley area, our vigilant team observed a blue VW driving recklessly on Queen Nandi Road. The reckless behavior of the vehicle drew immediate attention, and upon spotting our Special Ops Team following them, the suspects accelerated in their escape attempt with total disregard for other road users.

A high-speed pursuit ensued, culminating in the suspects crashing the blue VW Polo on Undlondlo Road in the Kwamashu area. Regrettably, two suspects managed to evade arrest by fleeing into nearby properties.

Subsequent investigation revealed the vehicle had been reported stolen from the Bluff area earlier in the morning.

Later in the day, at approximately 13h40, our Special Ops Team was mobilized to assist Cartrack with locating a Toyota Fortuner, which had been reported stolen from the Pietermaritzburg area.

After a lengthy tracking effort, members of our Special Ops Team, Cartrack ground team and the Kwamashu SAPS Trio Crimes Unit resulted in the successful recovery of the stolen vehicle. It was located abandoned in a garage within the Kwamashu area.

Both vehicles have been transported to Kwamashu SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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