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Successful Recovery and Apprehension in Collaboration with GWA

This morning, at approximately 06h25, a swift and coordinated effort by Marshall Security’s Tactical Team led to the successful recovery of a stolen Nissan NP300 and the apprehension of a suspect on Alexander Road in the Westmead area.

The stolen vehicle, which had been reported missing from the Boksburg area in January of this year, was swiftly located and recovered by our vigilant Tactical Team.

The operation’s success was significantly bolstered by the advanced security infrastructure implemented by the Greater Westmead Association (GWA) in the Westmead area. The GWA’s investment in advanced security measures played a pivotal role in facilitating the apprehension of the suspect and the recovery of the stolen vehicle.

The suspect and the recovered Nissan NP300 were immediately handed over to Pinetown SAPS for further investigation and processing.

This collaborative effort highlights the importance of community partnerships in combating crime and maintaining a secure environment for all.

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