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Suspect Apprehended In Stolen Car Offers Reaction Officers R15,000 Bribe

On Sunday, our teams managed to apprehend a suspect after he attempted to bribe our officers to avoid being arrested for driving a stolen vehicle, as well as recover a hijacked vehicle in the Durban CBD.

On Sunday at approximately 17h40 a suspicious white Nissan NP300 with no front number plate was parked on Adelaide Tambo Drive in the Durban North area. Our Armed Response Officer found this suspicious and proceeded to obtain the  vehicle’s registration from the rear number plate. 

Upon conducting a vehicle check with the SAPS Call Centre, it was established that the vehicle had been stolen earlier this month in the Tongaat area. Backup Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched to assist.

Our Armed Response Officers then approached the driver of the vehicle still parked on Adelaide Tambo Drive and questioned him. The driver first denied knowing that the vehicle was stolen but after being informed that our Emergency Dispatch Centre had already contacted the Durban North SAPS for assistance, he promptly offered our Armed Response Officers R15,000 to let him go before the SAPS arrive and admitted that he knew the vehicle was stolen. 

Our Armed Response Officers immediately then apprehended the driver before he could make an escape and waited for the SAPS to assist. The suspect, who will be charged for being in possession of suspected stolen property, together with the stolen vehicle was handed over to the Durban North SAPS for further investigation. The R15,000 cash bribe was also confiscated and booked into evidence at the police station.

Earlier that afternoon our Special Operations Team assisted Netstar with locating a hijacked vehicle that was found abandoned in the Durban CBD.

At approximately 14h20 members of our Special Ops Team were activated by Netstar to assist with locating a white Datsun Go that had been hijacked on Queen Nandi Drive at approximately 14h00 by an unknown amount of armed suspects. 

Our team members immediately responded to the last known location of the vehicle and managed to recover the vehicle that was found abandoned on Dennis Hurley Street in Durban, assisted by the Cato Manor Trio Crimes Unit and Netstar ground team.

The scene was secured and will be investigated further by the SAPS.

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