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Suspect Arrested After Armed Robbery In Tugela Mouth

This morning our Ballito team and other private security companies assist in apprehending an armed robbery suspect.

At approximately 10h21, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a report of an armed robbery in the Tugela mouth area via a WhatsApp Crime Alert Group.

The Reports indicated that a pedestrian who had been offered a lift was robbed of his personal belongings, prompting him to jump out of the moving car and notify the authorities.

Shortly after the report, a private security company spotted the suspect’s vehicle on the R102 and called for assistance. Members of Marshall Security’s Special Operations Team were dispatched to assist along with other private security companies and the Umhlali SAPS.

After a joint effort, the suspect’s vehicle was stopped and searched, leading to the recovery of the stolen items and two replica firearms that were used in the robbery. The suspect was taken into custody by the Umhlali SAPS for further investigation and processing.

We are pleased to have played a role in apprehending the suspect and recovering the stolen items. Our Special Ops Team worked closely with other private security companies and the SAPS to ensure the safety of the community and bring the suspect to justice.

The incident is a reminder of the importance of being vigilant and aware of one’s surroundings. Marshall Security encourages residents to report any suspicious activity or behaviour to the authorities immediately.

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