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At approximately 20h00 on Friday evening, members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist tracking a Toyota Hilux which was stolen in the Umhlanga area earlier.
Members proceeded to the last known location and managed to locate the severely stripped Toyota Hilux in the Ntuzuma area.
While our Special Operations Team were on scene with the Hilux they noticed a Toyota Etios with no front and back registration plates, speed past them, The team immediately started to follow the vehicle and after a brief chase, the suspects abandoned the vehicle in the Kwa-Mashu area. The suspects, unfortunately, evaded arrest after fleeing into a shack settlement.
Upon further investigation, our team found the owner of the Toyota Etios, who is an e-hailing taxi driver, locked up in the boot of the vehicle. The driver explained that he was hijacked and kidnapped in the Morningside area.
Shortly thereafter we were called to assist in tracking a Renault Kwid which was hijacked from the Wyebank area.
Members of our Special Operations Teams proceeded to the last known location of the tracking device which was in Kwa-Mashu K section. On arrival our team noticed the suspects stripping the vehicle. Upon exiting the vehicle the suspects opened fire at our team.
The team returned fire resulting in one suspect being wounded. Unfortunately, the remaining suspects managed to get away.
An unlicensed firearm with live ammunition was found on scene together with the hijacked vehicle which had been partially stripped as the suspects were in search of the tracking device.
All three scenes were handed over to the SAPS for further investigation and processing.
Well done to our Special Operations Team for a very successful Friday night.
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