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Suspect Caught: Major Breakthrough in Aluminium Thefts in Greenwood Park Area by Marshall Security

Aluminium Thefts in Greenwood Park

Last night at approximately 21h30 during a routine patrol, Marshall Security Special Operations Team spotted a suspicious individual on Allenby Road in possession of a bag filled with aluminium pieces.

The sighting raised concerns due to a string of recent aluminium thefts reported in the Greenwood Park, Briardene, and Park Hill localities. Prompt action was taken by the Special Operations Team to interview the suspect, who failed to provide a plausible explanation for the aluminium items in question. As a result, the individual was immediately apprehended. Subsequent investigation unveiled that the stolen aluminium pieces originated from a non client business premises located on Lothian Road in the Park Hill area. Allegedly, the suspect gained unauthorised access to the property by scaling the perimeter fence and forcibly gaining entry through the pedestrian gate and storeroom door where the aluminium was stored.

The apprehended individual was then transferred to Greenwood Park SAPS for further inquiry and processing. Marshall Security remains dedicated to upholding the safety and security of the local community.
Through effective collaboration with law enforcement agencies and the vigilance of our Special Operations Team, another successful step has been taken in addressing criminal activities affecting our neighbourhoods.

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