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Swift Recovery of Hijacked BMW and Suspected Stolen Hyundai

Yesterday our Special Operations Team swiftly recovered a hijacked BMW and discovered a suspected stolen Hyundai.

At approximately 21h00, members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist Cartrack with a BMW 3 Series that had been hijacked by two armed suspects in the Umbilo area. The team members immediately responded to the last known location of the vehicle.

Within just 15 minutes of being activated, the hijacked vehicle was found abandoned on a property in the KwaMashu area and recovered by members of our Special Operations Team, the KwaMashu SAPS Trio Crimes Unit and Cartrack ground team. During the course of the investigation, a silver Hyundai i20 that was involved in the hijacking was also found abandoned on the same road, with the sound system that was stolen from the BMW found inside the vehicle.

Upon inspecting the Hyundai i20, it was established that the vehicle was fitted with cloned plates, and its Vehicle Identification Number had been tampered with. It is believed that the Hyundai could also be stolen or hijacked and this will be investigated further by the SAPS. Both vehicles were transported to Kwamashu SAPS for further investigation and processing.

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