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Team Members Apprehends Thief Thanks to Vigilant Homeowner

At approximately 13h21, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Center received an alert via a WhatsApp crime alert group, reporting a suspect who had just stolen a green bin from a non Marshall client property on Lovat Road in the Rose Hills area.

Multiple armed response officers were immediately dispatched to scene.

While en route to the scene, further information emerged that the homeowner had bravely confronted the suspect, causing the suspect to abandon the stolen bin and fled towards Accutt Avenue. Our armed response officers quickly adjusted their course, heading towards the last known location of the suspect.

After a thorough search, our vigilant officers successfully located the suspect on Briar Lane in the Umgeni Park area. The suspect was promptly apprehended, thanks to the dedication and quick thinking of our response teams.

The homeowner was called out to the scene and positively identified the apprehended suspect as the individual involved in the theft of the green bin.

In line with our commitment to work closely with local law enforcement, Greenwood Park SAPS were informed and arrived on the scene in a short period. They have since taken custody of the suspect, who will be facing charges related to theft.

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