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The Pearls Mall Shooting Not Armed Robbery Related

There has been conflicting reports around the circumstances surrounding a woman being shot in the neck at The Pearls Mall in Umhlanga on Sunday.

The shooting followed an altercation between individuals in the parking lot of the shopping centre. CCTV footage shows a woman standing outside the vehicle when a shot goes off, she falls to the ground as she sustains a gunshot wound to the neck, where after she quickly gets up and runs away. She was then privately transported to Umhlanga Hospital for medical treatment.

The incident did not result from a hijacking or armed robbery – it was established that the firearm that was used was licensed, and the vehicle was privately owned.

The suspect fled the scene but was subsequently arrested and appeared in court yesterday.

The media has also made reference to the Marshall Security vehicle seen parked in view of where the incident occurred in the CCTV footage that has been circulated.

One of our Armed Response Officers had been dispatched to attend a separate incident where a fight had broken out outside The Pearls Mall prior to the shooting taking place. Our officer was out on McCausland Crescent along with SAPS at the time of the shooting.

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