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‘Tis The Season To Consider Your Personal And Pet Safety: Tips To Prevent A Festive Break… In 

OK, so, as it turns out, Santa doesn’t have the monopoly on lists. In fact, after a little bit of investigation, it appears that lists are actually the domain of just about every other Type A personality out there and people like us, AKA private security firms. Talk about a plot twist, right? 

Of course, while we were sitting here compiling our holiday gift list for you, we found some alarming safeguarding issues popping up around this whole Christmas situation anyway. Just so that we are all on the same page in this regard, we will detail some of the most common (and for some reason celebrated) infractions here quickly.  

Firstly, we are the ones with the actual ‘naughty’ list, thank you very much – AND ours is linked to the SAPS database. We don’t know where this other one came from, but we doubt it’s official. Next up, STOP watching people sleep, Santa. It’s creepy. And finally, please note breaking and entry actually puts YOU (Santa) on OUR ‘naughty’ list.  

The misdemeanors and criminal behaviours go on and on, but we think we’ve made our point. So, instead we’re just going to tell you to watch out for that Santa guy and move right into our lovingly compiled Safety Gift List instead.  

We made this gift list. And checked it twice. Obviously.  

Whether you are staying home or are on the road, there are certain precautions that should be taken to ensure the safety of your person, pets, premises, and possessions.  

Pet Safety 

At Marshall every family member is important. That said we are particularly partial to all the ‘very best goodest boys and girls’ out there. So, we curated a list just for them.  et safety is less about the alarms, (unless they wear a bell :P) and more about keeping them secure and cool, and considering it’s already turning into a blazing hot summer, and we’re barely out of the gates, it may be worth bookmarking the following list:  

  • Please don’t leave you pet at home alone with a tub of food if you are going away. That’s not cool. Our pets love us and thrive on company. Get a house-sitter to give them food, fresh water, and plenty of the very best belly rubs available, unless they are a goldfish. Alternatively check them into a ‘hotel’ too. Theirs are a little less luxury sure, but it’s safe and you know they will be fed, watered, and maybe even make some friends.  
  • If you are out for the day, make sure you leave loads of water out for them. And a nice shady area where they can relax. If you can, keeping them inside is even better, especially if there is an aircon they can hang out with.  
  • Paws for thought. We recommend you time walks so that they aren’t struggling through the midday heat. Ps. The pavement can get incredibly hot and if they are packing too much heat for your bare hands or feet then they are too hot for your pets paws too.  
  • If your pet is panting and puffing excessively, if their saliva is thick and if they are acting lethargic, vomiting, or experiencing diarrhea they are likely suffering from dehydration and heat-stroke. Get them water and care immediately.  
  • Don’t leave them in your cars. Ever. No matter how long. Cracking windows is not the solution.  
  • Get your best friend tagged, collared and preferably micro-chipped.  
  • Follow our community Facebook page, Here Buddy, it is powered by us here at Marshall Security and is there to help reunite lost furry friends with their humans.  
  • Put sunscreen on your pet (hit up those cute floppy ears and around the nose). FYI. If it’s safe for babies its safe for them.   

Personal Safety 

  • If you are going away and leaving your home unattended, please let your security company know. That way they can check on your premises in your absence. Ask them to test your alarm system, sensors, and electric fence (if you have one), before you go.  
  • A special note regarding electric fence and outdoor sensors, make sure that any branches and bushes are cut back so that they don’t obscure or interfere.  
  • Your security team would have installed your CCTV system for optimum exposure, but make sure that the cameras are all on and working.  
  • Whether you are away for a few days or for a few hours please set your alarm. It’s not even like you must press a button and have 15 seconds to parkour your way out the door anymore, before things go beep (the good old days). Now you can press a button on your remote on your way out the gate, in fact, you can even do it via app while at the shops picking up mince pies or in Hong Kong or wherever. No excuses.  
  • Here’s something for your list that you should check twice yourself. Make sure your windows and doors are shut and locked.  
  • Unplug appliances and things (although not your alarm obviously). This will save them if there is a power surge (which is every other hour at the moment. *glares*).  
  • If you are on the road in your own car, make sure it passes a roadworthy inspection with tyres, brakes, and wipers all in good working order. While you’re at it, stick your head in the boot and make sure that the spare is there too.  
  • Leaving your car at home? We recommend parking it out of sight. Yes, a vehicle in the driveway makes it look like someone is home, which is a deterrent, but if it never moves it becomes a ‘pick me’ moment instead and trust us, you don’t want to be picked.  
  • Don’t tell the world you are away via social media. We know you want the Joneses to know, but we think you should just settle for telling your neighbours instead. At least they can help if things go wrong.  
  • Get your lights on a timer switch. Simple but effective.  
  • Maybe don’t let bad guys know what you got for Christmas by leaving your boxes outside. Collapse them, dump them or only put them out on rubbish collection day. If you don’t, you may find the bad guys are the ones checking their list off at your house.  
  • Wear sunscreen. This felt like a necessary thing to add.  

And that’s it, Christmas safety all wrapped up.  

It may be worth your while to save this article so that you can refer to these lists while creating your own ‘holiday checklist’ in the future. And save our number while you’re at it too, because then you can call us, In Case of Anything.  

We wish you and your family a safe and happy Christmas break. Rest assured, we will be making our presents presence felt, to ensure we can help provide that.  

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