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Tracking Of Hijacked Vehicle Leads Teams To Chop Shop Discovery

Tracking Of Hijacked Vehicle Leads Teams To Chop Shop Discovery

Tracking a vehicle hijacked in Montclair into the heart of Iqadi, approximately 30km north west of Durban North, led ground teams to the discovery of several dismantled vehicles at a chop shop, where a suspect was arrested after a short chase.

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 11h45 members of our Special Operations Team were activated to assist Tracker SA with locating a hijacked white Toyota Corolla which had been taken in the Montclair area earlier that same morning.

Members of our Special Operations Team immediately responded to the last known location of the vehicle, which was in the Iqadi area, and arrived to a residential premises at approximately 45 minutes later where the hijacked Corolla was found parked off.

As our members, together with the SAPS Provincial Vehicle and Trio Task Team, Tracker SA ground team, SAPS Airwing and members from another private security company approached the property, the suspects got into the vehicle and fled.

After a short chase the suspects abandoned the vehicle on a dirt road and fled on foot. After an extensive search one suspect was eventually arrested, when he was found hiding in a cupboard in a nearby house in a joint effort by all law enforcement members on scene. Upon searching the suspect, the keys for the hijacked vehicle were found in his possession.

The members then proceeded back to the residence where the vehicle was initially found, and upon searching the property a chop shop was discovered. A Toyota Etios, which had been hijacked in January this year in the Durban central area, was recovered in a severely stripped condition. Two Ford Rangers,  presumed to be stolen but not yet reported to the SAPS, were also found in a dismantled state.

The suspect will be charged for being in possession of a suspected stolen vehicle.

The scene was secured by the SAPS and will processed and investigated further.

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