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Two Reoffending Suspects Successfully Apprehended and Stolen Property Recovered

Team members successfully apprehended two reoffending suspects and recovered stolen property. The vigilance and swift action of our Armed Response Officer played a crucial role in their arrest.

Earlier today at approximately 11h00, the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an alert of a theft incident that had taken place on Acutt Avenue in the Park Hills area. Two suspects forcibly entered a homeowner’s property, stealing a tarp from the yard. After reviewing the CCTV footage, a detailed description of the suspects was swiftly circulated to our Armed Response Officers, with one of them notably wearing an item of uniform of another security company.

Later on in the afternoon just after 14h00, one of our alert Armed Response Officers spotted the same suspects walking on Acutt Avenue and promptly apprehended them. These individuals have a history of multiple arrests by our team and have recently been released from prison.

During the subsequent interview with the suspects, they admitted to having already sold the stolen tarp. Acting on the information received, our teams successfully recovered the stolen property in the Brairdene informal settlement.

The apprehended suspects have been taken into custody by Greenwood Park SAPS and are now facing charges of theft.

We extend our appreciation to the Greenwood Park SAPS for their quick and professional assistance.

Marshall Security remains committed to safeguarding our communities and encourages residents to report any suspicious activities to maintain a safe environment for all.

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