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Two Suspects Apprehended After High-Speed Chase

On Tuesday afternoon our team members apprehended two suspects that were found to be involved in multiple theft incidents.

At approximately 15h00 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received a call from a client in the Glenashley area after noticing two suspects stealing alcohol from a well known liquor store and then climbing into a getaway vehicle. 

Multiple Armed Response Officers were dispatched to the scene and as our members arrived the vehicle was spotted leaving the store on Ashley Avenue. As soon as the suspects noticed our Armed Response Officers they immediately fled and a high-speed chase ensued.

Members of our Special Operations Team were then activated to assist. After a lengthy chase the vehicle was finally brought to a halt in the parking lot of Blue Lagoon where two suspects were apprehended by members of our Special Ops Team and Armed Response Officers. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle managed to evade arrest.

The Durban North SAPS were contacted and arrived on scene a short while later. Upon searching the suspects’ vehicle, various bottles of expensive alcohol were found together with clothing items with their security tags still attached.

It was later established that the suspects had also been involved in a theft incident at a liquor store in the Sunningdale area and at a clothing store on Adelaide Tambo Drive in the Durban North area. 

The suspects together with the stolen items and the vehicle that was used in the commission of the crime was transported to Durban North SAPS where the suspects will be charged for theft.

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