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At approximately 19:30 last night Marshall Security’s emergency dispatch centre received a call from a client in Clinch Crescent, Virginia informing us that there was a house robbery in progress and suspects were still on the premises.

Marshall Security’s Armed Reaction Officers, our Special Operations Team and members of the Durban North SAPS were immediately dispatched. Upon arrival our officers were informed that 4-5 armed suspects had held up the homeowners and robbed them of various items including jewellery and electronic items.

Members of our Special Operations Team working with Durban North SAPS, acquired the location of the suspects who were allegedly selling the items in the Bhambai area near Inanda.

Search for the suspects continued on foot and shortly after the teams spotted the suspects standing outside a vehicle. As the suspects realised officers were closing in they opened fire and officers proceeded to return fire.

After a short chase on foot, two of the suspects were apprehended.

One of the suspects sustained gunshot wounds to his legs and was found in possession of items that were taken from the house robbery.

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital for medical care under police guard and the other suspect was detained at the Durban North SAPS.

Unfortunately the others evaded capture and got away with some of the stolen property in the vehicle.

Great teamwork between the SAPS and Marshall Security resulted in an outstanding success.

086 162 7732

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