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Westmead Cable Theft Incident: GWA’s Tactical Response Leads to Arrest”

Westmead Cable Theft Incident

This afternoon just after 15h00 whilst members of our Tactical Team and Armed Response Officers were on routine patrol in the Westmead, Pinetown area spotted a suspicious male walking on Henry Pennington Road carrying a bag of cables.

Our teams immediately reacted and stopped to interview the male. During the interview the male could not provide our Officers with a reasonable explanation as to how he had the cables were in his possession.

Westmead Cable Theft Incident

The suspect was immediately apprehended and Pinetown SAPS were informed as well as the Combined Private Investigations from Telkom who arrived on scene a short while later.

The suspect was then transported to Pinetown SAPS for further investigation and processing.

Westmead Cable Theft Incident

The GWA’s proactive approach to community safety, is a testament to our ongoing commitment to the security of the Westmead area. Working in close partnership with local authorities, the GWA continues to be a leading force in preventing and addressing criminal activities in our community. We remain dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents and businesses in Westmead.

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