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Quick Action in Westmead Leads to Copper Theft Arrest: A Community Safety Win

Westmead Copper Theft Arrest

This morning at approximately 11h50 one of our Armed Response Officer whilst on routine patrol in the Westmead area spotted a male walking on Henry Pennington Road carrying a packet containing various pieces of copper.

The male was immediately stopped and interviewed whilst members of our Tactical Team were responding as back up.

It was later established that the pieces of copper was stolen from an electrical room of a non Greater Westmead members business premises on Malcolm Road.

Westmead Copper Theft Arrest

Pinetown SAPS were informed who arrived on scene and stated that a case of business burglary was reported earlier in the morning at the same address.

The suspect was transported to Pinetown SAPS for further investigations and processing.

In addition to the swift action taken by our Armed Response Officer, this incident highlights the continuous efforts of the Greater Westmead Association (GWA) in maintaining safety and security within the community. The GWA’s unwavering commitment to proactive patrols and quick responses plays a pivotal role in deterring and addressing criminal activities like the recent copper theft.

It is through the vigilant eyes and coordinated efforts of our members that we can ensure a safer Westmead area. This successful arrest serves as a reminder of the importance of GWA’s initiatives and the significant impact of our collective vigilance. We encourage all businesses, whether members of the GWA or not, to join hands with us in this ongoing battle against crime, ensuring a secure and thriving community.

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