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Westmead Suspicious Male Apprehension: Marshall Security’s Rapid Response

Westmead Suspicious Male Apprehension

At approximately 09h30 this morning, Marshall Security successfully apprehended a suspicious male in the Westmead area. The Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received reports from an alert member of the public about a male on Trafford Road carrying items suspected to be stolen.

Responding swiftly to the call, our Tactical Team from the Westmead area, arrived on the scene within minutes. Upon their arrival, the suspect, noticing the security team, attempted to flee. After a brief but effective foot chase, the suspect was promptly apprehended.

Upon searching the contents, pieces of steel were recovered and it was later established that it was stolen from a vacant business premises on Malcolm Road.

Westmead Suspicious Male Apprehension

Pinetown SAPS were contacted who arrived on scene a short while later and transported the suspect to the station and will be charged for being in possession of suspected stolen items.

This incident not only highlights the efficiency and quick response of Marshall Security but also underscores the significant role of the Greater Westmead Association in promoting safety and vigilance within the community. The GWA’s commitment to fostering a secure environment through collaborative efforts has been instrumental in such successful operations.

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